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Eat Shoot Drive

Wilderness Adventures

Digitally trained photographers will not quite understand the joy of a darkroom, the smell of chemicals or the excitement of waiting by the other side of a colour printer to see if they got the exposure correct, dodging and burning with a piece of card attached to some wire.

Sadly in this day of digital everything, the print is somewhat of an afterthought as opposed to the final decision. In an endeavour to get back to the basics and view something other than a screen, you can take a piece of Lapland home with you here. Images that spoke to me, that captured a thought or an emotion.

We have partnered with a Finnish based printing company that produces some excellent prints and has fantastic ways to create art, wether you want a print to frame yourself or have an exquisite Glass print as a statement piece for your home we have the options for you. 


Seen the shot you like, please fill in the form below and I will get a print quote to you as soon as possible. Shot in and around Lapland, from North to South and throughout the 8 seasons. My personal view point through the depths of Lapland. 


Get around the old-school way. Snowshoe your way around the fells. Join us for a specific route or make your own path.

From September onwards, into the dead of winter, enjoy Aurora hunting in style. Our panoramic roof allows you to keep your eyes open for the running arctic fox. One on one professional photographic insight.

In June & July, Hike under the Midnight Sun in true wilderness style, or time it perfectly for "Ruska" , one of the 8 seasons of Lapland.

From time to time there will be other experiences, follow us @eatshootdrive to stay updated. 

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