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The journey...

As little as a year ago I wouldn’t have imagined sitting here in a small cabin in the Arctic Circle writing an introductory blogpost for our new business venture!

Ever since Neil and I met in Dubai many years ago, we have loved exploring the surrounding nature. Most weekends we packed our Jeeps and headed out to the majestic deserts or up and over the mountain ranges. We have spent a countless number of kilometres exploring the dunes, and part of me will always miss those mounds of sand and the merciless heat.

Once it was time to return to Europe, it didn’t take long for us to agree on living in the Arctic Circle. Last Christmas this crazy idea of making wilderness adventures a daily part of our lives started taking form. A few months later we had created a full-blown plan which has now brought us to Levi in the heart of Finnish Lapland. We recently incorporated Eat Shoot Drive, a private tour operator specialising in wilderness adventures and guiding our guests in scenic and celestial photography.

In Neil’s life, everything is a photo opportunity! And the opportunities round the Lappish fells are infinite. Not one night is spent without his alarm going off at some ungodly hour to check the weather conditions and the likelihood of capturing the northern lights, the milky way, or the possibility of fog over some lake during sunrise. With a colourful upbringing across the UK, Asia and the Middle East, Neil has now flexed his international muscle further to embrace the Finnish ways with a particular love for our sauna culture and the spectacular northern nature.

I grew up in Stockholm with Finnish parents who have gifted me with a strong sense of independence and curiosity for my heritage. I left home early and stumbled on an international career in financial services that has also served as a stepping-stone to explore the world. I am lucky to have seen some spectacular places and met plenty of interesting and influential people. Until we settled in Levi, I had no idea how strong my appreciation for nature would be and how satisfying the silence of the fells would become. I feel connected to myself, my surroundings and my loved ones, more than ever. My priorities have changed drastically and as long as I stay warm, I don’t need much to live a fulfilled life. I recently took a course in outdoor safety and survival skills, one of the toughest and most rewarding weeks I have experienced, and my aim is to learn more about how to utilise natural food and materials.

I hope and believe that Neil and I, through Eat Shoot Drive, will be able to contribute to the type of tourism and travel trends that will in the longer term result in an increased appreciation for the individual’s responsibility in making sustainable lifestyle choices and minimizing negative environmental impact.

Hopefully you will find our journey inspiring, and perhaps one day you will join us on one of our adventures here!


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