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Finland's national landscape- särkitunturi

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

The thing I love the most about Lapland is that there’s always something leaving me inspired, be it the chilly edge of fresh, early morning air or the jaw dropping scenery. The far-reaching views from the felltops represent freedom, giving me a sense of space and independence.

Nature also has a delightful way of reminding me of its diversity. Another thing that has hit me is the intensity and speed of change between the seasons. We are privileged with eight seasons where most others have four, and I feel an urge to treasure each nuance of these rapid changes. I hope that this in the long term will teach me to be more present and help me enjoy each moment, a skill I have searched for in many self-help books. 😀

Several people have mentioned Särkitunturi as their favourite go-to place. The fell is located along Road 79 about 50 km west of Levi. We headed off before the crack of dawn to hit the top at sunrise. I have a bad habit of looking down at my feet whilst walking, this doesn’t quite provide for a spectacular visual experience! But it does give me a wonderful surprise every time

Neil reminds me to turn around and look up to take in the views. And Särkitunturi didn’t disappoint. I can see why this fell is rated as one of the best lookout areas around Pallas. It takes little effort and only 45 minutes to hike to the top, where you are met by a view that has been selected as Finland’s national landscape. The first autumn chills covered the shrubbery with a lovely frosting. We spotted a sun dog halo, an optical phenomenon caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals, new to us but quite common to these northern latitudes.

The easy access makes Särkitunturi a popular destination for hikers of all fitness levels and ages. If you want to enjoy the space to yourself, your cue is to get up early and beat the others to it. We enjoyed a peaceful wander up and round the fell and reached the bottom as the next visitors were arriving at the carpark. Our fellow hikers were of all ages from infants to elders, confirming Särkitunturi’s suitability as a destination for everyone.

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