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Our Sustainable journey

Our sustainable journey.

Eat Shoot Drive is a small business run by Neil Walton and Hanna Ylijukuri, who relocated to Levi last summer after ten years in Dubai. Neil is an internationally experienced photographer, with a past in high-end food and interior photography for the finest restaurants in the UAE, and a passion for outdoor adventure photography. Hanna is a former business manager with a long career in international financial services, now responsible for the company’s vacation home rentals and its sustainability practices. The business is committed to sustainability and the continuous improvement of its daily operations. Climate change, air and water pollution, and deforestation are a few of the environmental matters have a direct impact on the Company’s success.

Promoting an active and sustainable outdoor lifestyle throughout the 8 seasons of Lapland.

Ever since Neil and I met in Dubai many years ago, we have loved exploring the surrounding nature. Most weekends we packed our Jeeps and headed out to the majestic deserts or up and over the mountain ranges. We have spent a countless number of kilometres exploring the dunes, and part of us will always miss those endless mounds of sand and the merciless heat.

Once it was time to return to Europe, it didn’t take long for us to agree on living in the Arctic Circle. In a few months, we drew up a full-blown plan which brought us to Levi in the heart of Finnish Lapland. We incorporated Eat Shoot Drive and specialise in creating digital media content by drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature. Our ambition is to promote an active and sustainable outdoor lifestyle throughout all 8 seasons of Lapland. We recently also commenced cabin rentals and were awarded the Green Key certificate in June 2020. The Green Key represents a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operations within the tourism industry. We also achieved Sustainable Travel Finland status in September 2020. Our cabins are the first Green Key certified cabins in Levi and Eat Shoot Drive was the third company in Levi to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland “badge”.

We are committed to guide our guests on how to experience the natural beauty of the Lappish fells and surrounding landscapes in a sustainable manner. We believe that environmental awareness and promotion of sustainable tourism will in the long-term result in an increased appreciation for the individual’s responsibility in making lifestyle choices that minimize negative environmental impact.

I grew up in Stockholm with Finnish parents who have gifted me with a strong sense of independence. I left home early and launched into an international career in financial services that has also served as a stepping-stone to explore the world. I am lucky to have seen some spectacular places and met plenty of interesting and influential people. My days in the corporate world didn’t leave much time to consider other aspects of life. Until we settled in Levi, I had no idea how strong our appreciation for nature and how satisfying the silence of the fells can be. I now feel connected to myself, my surroundings and my loved ones, more than ever.

In Neil’s world, everything is a photo opportunity! And the opportunities round the Lappish fells are infinite. Not one night is spent without his alarm going off at some ungodly hour to check the weather conditions and the likelihood of capturing the northern lights, the milky way, or the possibility of mysterious veils of fog forming over some lake, as summer turns into fall. With a colourful upbringing across the UK, Asia and the Middle East, Neil is now naturally embracing the Finnish ways with a particular love for our sauna culture and the spectacular northern nature.

This simplified lifestyle surrounded by the forests and fells has given us a new kind of connection to nature and its ecosystems where everything has its place. It quite naturally has become a priority for us to care for our surroundings and our ambition is to give others the opportunity to experience the same in a sustainable way. We hope that we, through Eat Shoot Drive, will be able to contribute to the type of tourism and travel trends that, in the long term, will result in an increased appreciation for the individual’s responsibility in making sustainable lifestyle choices and minimizing negative environmental impact.

Hopefully you will find our journey inspiring!

Hanna Ylijukuri Head of Business Operations

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