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Welcome to The Arctic Diaries

My name is Neil Walton

I've been a photographer for the past 15 years and run my business here in stunning Lapland (as you can see from the landscape above). 

I love what I do. But if I'm honest, I have lately felt that I need to change the course of my life and, after a hard look at myself, I realised I had been failing myself. I had lost the spark for photography, I struggled to find the motivation to continue and was lost for ideas. 

To create something positive out of this, I altered my YouTube to share my journey of self reflection, discovery and learning. I want to use it as a place where I can share videos of my thoughts and record my journey to find what truly motivates and drives me to become an improved version of myself.

Nothing would make me happier than, if by sharing my road to an "improved version of me", I can inspire and help others to achieve their goals, big or small. 

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok


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